Thursday, August 5, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Hydrangea

 I did get six squares finished this week, all little floral wreaths. Simple stitching, but pretty designs. When I started this project I was restricting myself to certain color threads that I thought would look good on the dyed fabric. No purples, oranges, pink. etc. But recently I decided that any color thread will work because it is the fabric that ties everything together. I ordered some new colors from DMC and they came in two days. I was surprised because they are in Canada and it usually takes at least a week, but apparently they have a warehouse in New Jersey because that's where these come. Free shipping for orders over $30 (easy to do).

I also decided that, as much as I enjoy making these, I am going to slow down and only do what I can while watching nightly TV. I have mostly abandoned my other hobbies/crafts. You know that I like to make greeting cards and I haven't made any in weeks. You may recall the cute little origami dresses I made awhile back. Well all but one of those are gone. I like to send birthday cards, get well, thinking of you, sympathy, etc. Since I got into card making, I only send my handmade. I am definitely carving out some time for that this week.

I make my own Christmas cards, too (crazy, I know) and last year I sent 50 and started making them in August.  I have not started yet this year. 

And then I have a quilt to free-motion quilt for a friend and I have to get ready for an exhibit in September. It is a group show and I only have to do one, but I am usually farther along by now.

It has been a  very good year for Hydrangeas here it CT. It has to do with the winter conditions, but I'm not sure what they are. There are Hydrangeas everywhere in all the pretty colors they come in. I only have one bush. It starts out as purple and white, as in the picture below and then turns a rich solid purple.

I never had any luck keeping them in the house as cut flowers, but I went online and found out what to do. Pick your flowers early in the morning or late in the evening. Strip them of all leaves and make a cut up the stem so that it can absorb more water. Put them in lukewarm water. These on my kitchen table, looking so good on that lavender and yellow Damask tablecloth I purchased in Provence several years ago, were picked over a week ago. I have changed the water once. They drink a lot of water in the garden and in the house. 

I am having some of my landscaping done over this Fall and there will be two new Hydrangea bushes, among other things.

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Angela said...

As always, I love your embroidered circles. I have also found working with a circle addicting. Good luck with your card making.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Your embroidery is so pretty! And you just might inspire me to start making some cards. I send out about 80 at Christmas so it would take awhile!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

This week's collecting of stitched floral wreaths captured my attention with how you combined delicate leaves with decadent blooms. Some of them would make stunning watch faces for those of us pre-digital.