Saturday, December 30, 2023

I'm Still Here

 A long time out-of-town friend sent me an email asking if I was OK since I hadn't blogged about the holidays as I usually do. No reason, just lazy I guess and not a whole lot to blog about. 

Thanksgiving was lovely, as usual at my niece, Lauren's. Great food and decor. Christmas seemed to come and go too fast and now I am in the process of un-decorating, not my favorite task. 

My son was here for a few days for Christmas. He lives so far away so I cherish the time he is here. We usually will spend one day in NYC, but this year we went to the NYBotanical Garden for its annual train show. We had gone several years ago, but it is different each year. All of the  buildings are replicas of authentic NY buildings, some still here and some that have been demolished, like Penn Station.  Kurt took a lot of pictures so here are a few.

Since the gardens are in the Bronx, we went to Arthur Avenue, NY's little Italy for some fun food shopping and lunch. Delicious!

This is the conservatory and where the train show took place. All of the roofs of the real thing are glass. I don't know what plant material was used to look like glass. All of the buildings were made of plant material.

Some of NY's more recognizable buildings.

I think this was the Penn Station that was demolished in the 60's to be replaced by something ugly.

There were model trains all over, including overhead and on bridges, also authentic replicas, like the Brooklyn Bridge and others.

PanAm Terminal

So thanks, Judy, for getting me off my doff and onto blogging again. I am still working on my daily stitching and as you may have guessed, I am behind with December. But I will post a few pictures soon.

Friday, December 1, 2023


 I finished November, except for one small block that I will do tonight. I didn't know if I would like working with such neutral colors, but I did.

Next month will be mostly about Christmas and lots of color