Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Hoop Art

 I really missed my daily stitching that I did last year and was trying to come up with something else to do. While perusing Pinterest I came across a lot of embroidered letters.  In my studio in CT I have one wall in my sewing alcove that has several Ns hanging, wooden, metal, cloth, etc. I looked all over (I thought) but I couldn't find any patterns and couldn't even find an N to copy. So I borrowed ideas from an R that I saw. I have since found a vast supply of patterns on Etsy and have downloaded some.

I went to Youtube to see how to finish the back of my hoop art and found several different ways . This one was pretty easy, using a piece of felt cut to the size of the inner hoop and attaching it with a buttonhole stitch.

I am currently working on an R for my sister, Ruth. I sure wish I had baby to gift because I thought it would  be a nice one, but no babies in my life for now.

BTW I am not sure if my N is upside down or not. What do you think?