Saturday, April 8, 2023

Still in April

 I've managed to keep up with April and even keep a little ahead

No, this is not a bunch of asparagus or corn stalks. It is meant to be palm fronds in honor of Palm Sunday. I brought one stalk home from Church with me and the color was spot on, but it went downhill from there.

Again for Easter Sunday, I wanted a cross with Easter Lilies. Well Easter lilies are white and I knew they wouldn't show up against the unbleached muslin fabric, which is whiter than the picture, so I did them in pale yellow. After all the stitching, they did NOT show up, so I took them out and just did some Norma flowers. I did not want to unpick the big lily leaves, so they stayed. Happy Easter!

I've been told that all the Spring flowers are in full bloom home in CT. I will be sorry to miss them. Hopefully there will be some late bloomers when we get home.

Just a little fantasy flower because I love French Knots.

I think I mentioned before that I am not necessarily putting the blocks in numerical order, but using the block that fits the design for that day.

Happy Easter and Passover and Spring!

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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Moving on

 For April I am separating the blocks and stitching them in purple, my color for the month. I will also use some yellow and green, but it will be predominantly shades of purple

A paisley-ish design.

I loved doing this one, because I love French Knots.

                                 My mother was very fond of pansies and so am I.

An itty-bitty garden, just 1inch by 2 inches.

I'm still having fun with this and hope to continue.

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.