Thursday, September 15, 2022

This and That

I know that it's been a long time since I've blogged. I was going way back and looking at past blogs when i was posting two or three times a week. It just seems that I don't have much going on  that is blog worthy, but I will try to get better.

I finally got my big quilt hung over the couch in the family room. My cleaning lady and her hubby came over on Sunday and did it for me. I never could have done it alone. I'm glad to have it up where I can revisit all my blocks, but I think that the one they took down looked better. I can always switch them aground.

This is the quilt that was taken down. What you can't see here is the extensive free motion quilting. I love this quilt and others did, too. It won some ribbons at shows and was featured in a few books. You can see that it is an entirely different look. Actually this was taken before piecing the blocks and quilting. I have a gazillion pictures on file, but couldn't find one completed. If I do find it I will put it here.

I'm always having fun with my card making. I did quite a few that I call spinning circles. The center circle spins around when open and has a different design on each side. Here is a sampling.

This was my first attempt. I used an embossed card that I have previously made. It is a thank you card and has a different saying on the other side. I liked the way that the embossing looked so I did that on the rest. I have a lot of embossing folders.

I had made several using my plain circle dies before I thought of using my scalloped circle dies. I really like the look and will use that from now on. I tried a square and it works, but I think the circles are cuter. I sent one to a friend who displayed it on a table where the AC hit it and sent the little circle spinning.

I finished my Christmas cards this week, all 51 of them. I know that so many people have stopped sending them, but not me. I love making them and receiving them. To me it's a big part of Christmas.

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.