Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Regional SAQA meeting

Today Nike and I traveled to the lovely town of Simsbury, CT for our regional SAQA meeting.  It was very well attended and we got a lot accomplished.  Those of us that chose to dropped off our entries for the Local Color:CT Stories exhibit. It is a traveling exhibit and they will be juried this weekend and we'll find out next week if we are accepted.  I entered a piece that I had, Snapshots From My Garden.  It was a favorite at my one-woman show so I hope that it gets in.  

We also dropped off our entries for the CT Trunk Show.  I made another Garden Study, but made it to fit the size of 6" x 10". They will be mounted on  8" x 12" black foam core and inserted into clear plastic sleeves. They didn't get as many as hoped so they have extended the deadline until our next meeting.  I forgot to take a picture of it after the stitching, but here it is without the quilting.

I was asked to give a ten minute talk about my one-woman show this past June, how I got the show, how many pieces were hung, what type of gallery, pricing, publicity, etc., etc, and anything that I had learned from the experience. I think it went fairly well in spite of being a bit nervous.

I just got a new haircut and color the other day and now I can see that it really is too short and too dark. Oh, will grow and fade.
My late husband often teased me about how I talked with my hands and I guess he was right. Every picture that Nike took had me flailing around.

The meeting was held in the downstairs workshop room of the wonderful quilt shop, Sew Inspired Quilt Shop.  It is a fabulous store with a huge selection of fabric. Unfortunately I rarely use commercial fabrics in my work and I have a stash to make a thousand quilts anyway, but I wanted to find a cute button print for the back of my button piece that I showed you last week.  They didn't have one, but they did have this very cute print of thread spool ends.  It is just the right scale and I think it will be perfect.

There was some great Show and Tell, but I didn't take any pictures because I was standing in line with my button piece to show. It was a long drive up and back, but all in all it was a super day and the foliage in CT is at its peak, which made for a very pretty drive.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

All Buttoned Up

It is finished!
The picture is a little skewed, but it really is perfectly 12" square.

I thought you might want to see the back with all those stitches and knots. I am going to fuse a piece of busy fabric to the back, since this is two-sided fusible Peltex.  The backing will have two tabs attached on each side, hidden from the front, so that it can be pinned to the display.  Remember that it can't have a right way up, but must be able to be hung in any direction. I will make a lot of hidden little stitches from front to back to keep the fusible from pulling away.

 I must say that altho it was tedious, it was fun, and nice to do some hand work for a change. Now I'm trying to think of something to do with all the left-over buttons.  Maybe a design on the back of a thrift shop jeans jacket, if I can find one.

If you click on any picture, you can see the details on all of them.  I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday, as usual.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More buttons

I must be insane to be carrying on with this, but it is oddly addicting. Remember that I sewing on each button and bead by hand. Oy, vay! I'm finished with the reds and dark pinks, except for a narrow band at the bottom and now will go on to light pinks. I didn't have as much variety in the dark pinks as the reds and yellows and I hope I'll have more in the lights.  Stay tuned.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Twelve by Twelves

Last Friday my FiberWorks group hung our annual show at the Newtown Library and we had an opening reception Saturday.

This year's challenge was to make three pieces 12 inches square, that related to each other and mount them on a black piece 14" x 40".  It's always a delight to see our finished pieces and the diversity in the group.  Two of our members are weavers and the rest are involved in the many aspects of art quilting.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Our beautiful poster made by Nike Cutsumpas.

Seasons by Carolyn Cooney

It's About Time by Norma Schlager

Meandering by Susi Lehman

Once, Twice, Three Times a Star by Beth Johnson

Breaking the Pattern by Sawsan Ali

Magic Squares by Barbara Drillick

Homage to Albers by Christine Wilkinson

Weaving One, Two, Three by Susi Lehman

Fabric Entomology by Paula West

Woven Turf by Nike Cutsumpas

Of Primary Concern by Norma Schlager

The show will be up until October 29, so if you are in the area of Newtown, CT. stop in a take a look.

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