Friday, May 6, 2022

Stitching and Stuff

 I have the first half of the quilt sewn together and just have three more rows to do on the second half. I had thought I was going to quilt it in two sections, but changed my mind. I have often quilted large quilts in sections and then sewed the quilted sections together but they did not involve matching seams. This has a lot of seams. so I am going to quilt it in one big piece, which will measure eight feet by 42 inches. I did quit another big pieced quilt a few years ago, Brown Planet, a collaboration with Kathy Loomis that was the same size. I did it on my dining room, table which gave me lots of room to spread out. That one was done with free motion quilting and this one will just be straight lines a quarter inch from each seam using the walking foot. So hopefully it won't be too formidable.

I almost always have fresh flowers in the house, being so readily available at the super market. I also love tulips, but am dismayed by the fact they they only last about 5 days. I saw these faux tulips in Amazon and can't believe how realistic they are. They are called Real Touch, Faux Latex Tulips. They even feel real. They come ten to a bunch and I bought two bunches of each color.

The white ones in the living room are in a clear glass container.  I put water in the vase because you could see the stems. The stems are totally encased with the latex so I don't have to worry about them rusting.

This glass basket was my mother's and  I always use it for tulips. For these bunches I cut about 3 inches off the bottom. No need for water because you cannot see thru the basket. 

I ordered two other bunches from a different company and sent them back.

And on a less cheery note, I have Covid. Yes, I have been triple vaxed . I started feeling bad on Wed. afternoon. My cleaning lady was supposed to come on Thursday morning and I had an appt. at the hairdresser. So I took an at home test and it was positive. I don't feel good, but I don't feel horrible either, pretty much like a bad cold. Very sore throat, achy, coughing. I had a viral visit with my doc and he said to quarantine for 5 days at home and then for the next five days, wear a mask and social distance. 

My sister, who lives two houses down from me, also has it. I think she feels worse than I do. So just when we thought we could let our guards down, I guess we can't. I haven't been wearing a mask for awhile except at the doctor's office. 

So not much getting done here. I vegged out on the couch all day yesterday, watching TV and reading, same today. Things for which to be grateful.....this is not 2020, when you had to stand in long lines to be tested and then wait two days for the results and then quarantine for 14 days if you were positive. I did not have to go the hospital and this, too, shall pass.

I asked my doctor if I should do another test and he said not to because these tests are very reliable.

Cancelled plans for the weekend...a party for a neighbor couple moving away, Friday night dinner out with the "girls" and Mother's Day dinner with my sister and her daughter. 

Anyway, Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there.

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Putting it Together

 I admire some people whose blogs I read that have full time jobs, family and gardens to which they attend and still have time to produce prodigious amounts of art. Well, that's not me. I seem to get slower and slower and less productive the older I get. Or is that just an excuse?

But I am putting together my big circles in a square piece. I am piecing it in two sections and will quilt it in two sections that will then get sewn together to make one big piece. Each half measure 40" x 45" and sewn together will be 80" wide.


I finished piecing the first half and am working on the second. I am very much enjoying looking at the squares again. Sometimes I can't remember how I did that stitch or admire how those colors worked together. It is fun, even if am am having to match seams, something not much done in art quilts.

These next three photos were taken of my car's windshield on a drizzly day while waiting in the car for someone. I thought the patterns were so beautiful and each droplet unique. If you click on the picture for a larger view, you see even more patterns surrounding the bigger drops. Then click again for an even closer look. Hmmm...a quilting design?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Home again, home again

 I returned home last night from my Florida home to my CT home. In other years we came home to dreadful weather, but this year it is glorious, warm and sunny with Spring flowers and trees starting their magic. 

I didn't do a lot in Florida that was creative. I did a little watercoloring and a little hand stitching, but not a lot. It was so easy to be lazy down there and we throughly enjoyed ourselves soaking up the good weather. 

I thought I had taken a picture of my little circles in squares, but I only had a partial. It was vey hard to get good color. It was either too dark or too washed out. Here is the best I have. 

I thought I should do some samples to see how to piece this thing. I am going to do it in two sections, eleven squares wide which will sew down to 42 inches.

On the first one I sewed some left-over squares together with a walking foot and a quarter inch seam. Seams were pressed to one side and then machine quilted a quarter inch away from each seam. I didn't like the way it looked. Too bulky in the center.

Then I pressed the seams open. Much better.

 This will be an ongoing project, but I want to get it finished soon. It occupies my whole design wall and I have two art quilts that are due soon.

I'm glad to be back blogging and will try to post once a week. I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Daily Stitching and Cards

 I'm down to the wire. Only ONE MORE square to do. I wasn't very diligent about my stitching, busy doing other things like undecorating the house of Christmas things. Big job and I'm glad it's done.

I like this design from the Japanese book, but not my stitching. Why can't I get that stitching more even after all this practice?

A little satin stitch for a change, pattern from my stencils. I like the orange and hot pink, a throwback to the 70's.

Also from the stencils. It had circles gradating in size from larger to smaller. I made a French Knot in the center of each circle, going from five times around the needle to one time, and connected them with a straight stitch. This reminded me of my mother's chenille bedspread.

                                  Again in different colors and going in the opposite direction.

A friend gave me some handmade papers that she had made. They were the perfect size to use in my cards. I started with some 5" x 7" blank colored cards. I had to pare the handmade papers a bit to let some of the colored cards show.

Then I cut a piece of watercolor paper and used the smooshing method using Distress Inks. to get that nice mottled affect. Added either some stencils or paint spatters. I then stamped the design with VersaMark and used black embossing powders. The last step was to machine buttonhole hole stitch around the edge of the watercolor paper, going thru all layers.

I did not put a sentiment on the outside, but will on the inside. I think they are suitable for any occasion. I made quite a few on a rainy day. Here are  just a few.

That's it for this week. I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you all stay healthy. Wear those masks, get vaccinated if you haven't already done so and stay home if you can. A good time to get those projects finished or start a new one.

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