Monday, November 25, 2019

On TV Again

One of my suns was used again on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. This was their Eat Drink and Be Merry episode and my sun was used at the end of a segment about Jacques Pepin. One of the things he talked about was how to peel a carrot correctly. My sun had carrots for some of the rays so it was appropriate,

They have used this sun before, possibly on last year's Eat, Drink, and Be Merry episode. As before they compressed it to fit on the screen; my sun was perfectly round. This one was made using all fabrics that I had dyed with plants, veggies or spices. It looks like they pumped up the color, which I don't mind. I did not get intense colors with the natural dyes.

Here is the photo I sent them. This is the fifth time they have used one of my suns.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Finished Stitching

I am finished stitching on my 25 Million Stitches project. I really enjoyed working on it and am tempted to do another, but I have other projects to do before the holidays. How can it possibly be the holidays already? Wasn't it just the Fourth of July? Time flies faster and faster the older I get. As someone once said, "First it's Monday, then it's Tuesday, then it's Christmas!" How true.

You may have guessed that I was in Florida for the last two weeks, thus the lack of blogging. We had a great time and we missed all the frigid weather up north. But now I'm back home and it's time to get down to business.

My finished piece. Details below.

We found time to stitch every evening, usually watching Jeopardy and the PBS News Hour. Ruthie and Claire are still working on theirs.

I will be linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Still Stitching

I am still stitching on my 25 Million Stitches Project and I have recruited my sister and my friend, Claire. Neither had embroidered in years and they are doing a great job and they love doing it.

Claire has chosen suns as her theme. She is putting faces on some of them as you can see in the partially stitched done in the back.


My sister, Ruth, is having fun with hearts using variegated threads

I'm carrying on with hands. The big blue one in the back is a man's hand. I ran out of that blue so it will have to wait for another trip to Joannes. They get very wrinkled working on them. It will get a good wet press when I am finished. 

I'm hooking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Weekly Report

I finished my little Santa ornament and I couldn't believe how much work went into it. The directions in the pattern ( all 17 pages!) were excellent as she led you step by step through the process. He is only 5 1/2" tall, so you can imagine how tiny some of the pieces are, like the mustache and the mittens. The stocking has an tree embroidered with beads. This Santa is part of her Night Before Christmas series, which is still in the works. She is constructing Mrs. Claus now, but Santa was enough for me. She also has the Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments, equally as cute and labor intensive, especially when you get to the people in the song.


I finished the two pillows that I made to go with the triangle quilt I showed last week. I added borders to make them have more impact since the finished blocks were only 10 1/2. I used 14" pillow forms. I made two different patterns, different from the one in the quilt. They are heavily quilted, like the quilt, but it doesn't show here.

Lazy me, I usually just make a fold-over in the back, but since these are a gift I thought it would be be nicer to put in zippers. I haven't put in a zipper in over 20 years and I had to read the directions, but they came out OK.

I am still working on my 25 Million Stitches Project. I love the little turquoise hand, traced from my two-year-old neighbor.

I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.