Friday, October 29, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Watercolor Cards

 Six little squares this week, all using those fabulous stencils.

I concentrated on small watercolors this week, 4" x 6", the perfect size for mounting onto a card front. I found some terrific blank greeting cards in Michaels, sets of all different colors.

I enjoyed making these. A pen and ink drawing of leaves, then added watercolor squares and splatters. I  think they are also good for masculine cards. You don't always want flowers.

This is a mini version of a CeeCee design I did last week. I am going to try to duplicate it, but that doesn't always work.

These last two are my own designs, but using the CeeCee techniques. Again I'm not showing you the flops or the ones I threw away. I am putting away my paints for awhile for various reasons. I will explain that in another post.

Linking up with Off the Wall Friday. In addition to seeing some great art, Nina Marie always has some interesting posts. This week she is talking about how fabrics are printed. Something of which I never gave much thought.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Watercolors

 I really got my mileage out of this stencil The first pix shows it using the stencil just the way it is and the next five are either additions or subtractions or both. I  had fun with this one. But then I aways have fun.

This is my favorite of the week, but it is my second attempt.   The first one was very muddy. So much to learn. This is 6" x 9".

It took four attempts to get this little guy right. It is 4.5" x 6" and the perfect size for a card. I am sending it to a dear friend who is suffering from dementia, early stages, and loves to get cards in the mail. I send her about one a month (all handmade) and her hubby says she loves them.

This also 4.5 x 6 and will also go on a card. 

So onward and upward, I hope. I will try to get some more painting done this weekend. And always, always stitching.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Watercolors

 Six squares done this week in spite of spending way too much time on my new addiction, watercolor. More about that later. Again, I relied on my great stencil set, doing variations of each.

                 I like the scallops on this one and I know I will be using it again in different ways next week.

                               Least favorite of the week. Hard to get those straight lines straight.

Now on to WATERCOLORS.  I have often admired watercolors, but for some reason I was never interested to try it until last week when I saw some on Lee Ann Paylor's blog and saw her Painterly Friday and a fabulous video on Watercolor Doodles. OMG I thought,  this looks like so much fun. So I ordered a nice Kuretake set of paints which I really like for the large removable paint pans and its 36 colors. I  also ordered a couple of good brushes and bought a book of watercolor paper at Michaels' and I was off and running. There are so many videos on YouTube and I mainly concentrated on Watercolor Doodles, combining painting with fine point pen and ink doodles. I just used a black Sharpie Pen (not to be confused with Sharpie Ultrafine marker).

For the most part I followed the videos and will branch out with my own designs as I get more confidence. Right now I am learning techniques and practicing.

This was my very first attempt. I was rather pleased with myself and it spurred me on to the next ones.
These first three were all  by the same artist, Nia. She has many videos on Youtube. These three were done on 140 weight wc paper in 9" x 12" size. On these you paint first, then doodle.

These next three, by the same artist were just 4" x 6", just the perfect size to mount on greeting cards. On these you doodled (or drew) the leaves first and then added the watercolor circles. I want to do more of these with my own leaf designs.

And this last one, inspired by another artist CeeCee,  uses a very loose style. I really loved doing this. I have done a few more in different colors and sizes, also good to mount on a card.

I'm not showing you the ones I discarded or cut up to use on the other side for practice. I had my share of flops, but I am hooked for now. As I said before there are numerous videos out there, but perhaps I will take some online lessons in the future. The might be a good project for Florida, since my sister and my friend Claire (my FL housemates) are also interested. And Claire is a former art teacher so we should have a great time.

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Kusama Exhibit

 Six squares done this week, all using my stencils.

I thought that this one looked like a tractor tire.

                                        Added some French Knots to give it a different look.

Even more French Knots and two colors.

On these last two I learned that Satin Stitch is HARD! No matter how diligent I was about stabbing the needle directly on the naked line, I got wobbly edges.

Last Sunday on a beautiful Fall day we went to the NY Botanical Garden to see the Kusama exhibit. Go to their website to read more about it. Kusama is a Japanese artist (in her 90's) known for her abstract impressionism and her use of polka dots and pumpkins, a perfect match for the Garden.

On the steps of the Library/Galley and the steps to the conservatory were these huge displays of various sizes, shapes, and colors of pumpkins.

In the Conservatory pools were several of her whimsical oversized flowers.

This was one of several fiber sculptures in the Library/Gallery.

Outside of the Conservatory was this huge pumpkin in pink and silver.

This enormous sculpture was big enough to walk under.

I had foolishly forgotten to charge my phone the night before and I was almost out of battery power and so was able to take very few pictures. The Gardens are fabulous at any time of the year, but especially beguiling when they have a special exhibit. This exhibit is on until the end of October. 

According to NYC regulations, we were required to show proof of vaccinations and a photo ID. Masks were required at all indoor spaces. Hooray for NY's sensibilities! We felt very safe.

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