Thursday, October 6, 2022

Margaret's Leaves

Margaret, a dear friend and member of our FiberWorks group passed away a few years ago, much too soon. She was an avid quilter and left behind a huge stash of fabric and several unfinished projects. A few members took some of them home to finish. I took a bundle of leaf prints on a tan and white fabric. There were a lot of them in orange, green, tan and brown. There was a lot of the background fabric, too. They had been languishing  in my studio for awhile because I couldn't get excited about the colors. But last week I took them out and started playing with them on my design wall.

I eliminated the dark brown leaves because they didn't print very well and I was satisfied with these colors. I sewed one row together with sashing that was the same as the background. Big mistake! It was very boring.

I went through my batiks and found a few that I thought would work. I didn't have enough of one of them and decided to use several. Since the leaves are different colors, I thought that the mixed colors of the sashing would be fine. I do like the way it looks. It looks darker at the bottom because of the lighting.

I had just enough background fabric to make borders. Now to quilt it! I'll show you when it's finished. 

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.