Saturday, December 17, 2022

It's a Party!

 Finally after a two year hiatus due to Covid, I was able to have my annual Ladies Luncheon Christmas party. Everybody came and no one was sick. I neglected to take any pictures so I rely on the kindness of others who did. 

Here are Terry, Maxine, and Donna enjoying the cocktail of the day. I make a signature Martini each year. This time it was Peppermint Martini made with vanilla vodka, Peppermint Schnapps and Half & Half. They were rimmed with crushed candy canes. They were delish, if potent. No one had more than one. Then we switched to wine for lunch.


Terry and Sheila who must shop at the same store and look equally attractive and festive.

  Ermine and Mickie.

                                                               Marlene  and Sheila

Mary, Donna, Marilyn, Chris and Claire

                                             Sisters, Marilynn and Chris in holiday attire.

                                         And my sister and me, sharing a special moment.

We were 15 in total and I'm sorry that I don't have a picture of everyone. I'll just have to hire a better photographer next year.

Hand made party favor napkin ring, made last year and not used because the party was cancelled at the last minute because some of the guests had been exposed to Covid the night before.

If I don't post before them I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a happy healthy New Year.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Longwood Gardens

 My sister and two friends, Claire and Maxine took a mini vacation to Kennet Square, Pennsylvania to see the fabulous Christmas exhibit  at Longwood Gardens. You can go here to read all about it and see pictures that are way better than mine. I took so many pictures, but here are just a few.

The first several pictures were taken in the conservatory. It was one magnificent tree after another, each one a different theme.

Aqua anyone? One of my favorite colors and this tree was stunning!

                            This is a close-up of a tree decorated entirely with dried flowers.

Maxine wore a pretty puffer jacket in lavender. The orchids on and around the tree were a perfect match!

All fresh flowers in a spiral around the tree. BTW all the trees were fresh, as were all the flowers and plants.

It was hard to get the splendor of the central part of the conservatory. There was a spiral path running thru made of red poinsettias. A very large display.

This was taken outside in a tree house of sorts. We did a lot of walking around thru the grounds and it was beautiful, but the real show stopper was the light exhibit outside at night

I'm sure that a better camera than my iPhone would have been able to capture the magic of the light displays. I took a ton pictures, but none of them did them justice. Many of the deciduous trees were wrapped from head to toe in lights of every color. From a distance this one looked like all white lights, but when you got closer you could see all the colors mixed in.

This is one of three tunnels of light that we walked thru. The lights kept changing color. Whole sections would be magenta that gradually changed to green or orange or other colors. Mesmerizing and beautiful!

I am usually a purist who only likes white holiday lights. Longwood Gardens changed my mind. Please go to their website to see the true glory of it all. Or take a trip and see it in person. It was about a 3 1/2 hour trip for us and we stayed over two nights in a hotel. We also visited the Brandywine Museum that features the art of the Wyeth family.

We also went to Winterthur, another DuPont mansion done up for Christmas . It was charming, with a different themed tree in each room. 

I am waiting to get pictures from yesterday's party. I did not take any (shame on me) and am hoping that others did.

I'm liking up with Off the Wall Friday.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

And more non-glass ornaments


Metal with a spiral at the end of his coat.

       I bought him in Germany. Wooden and if you pull on the cord his arms and legs jump up.

Made out of felt. I don't think he's handmade, but still very cute

                                                            Femo clay and a sea shell.

                                                   Another wooden one bought in Germany. 

Made by me a couple of years ago. Followed a pattern and he was VERY labor intensive.

Flat fused glass purchased in Murano, Italy.

I made this many years ago when I was doing needlepoint.

Many years ago I had a friend who made adorable mice ornaments. She would make anything you wanted and I chose Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus The detail is amazing. My son was a toddler at the time and she made him in a blue all-in-one sleeper hugging his favorite brown dog toy (named Brown Dog)

I probably missed a few, but that's enough for now. Tomorrow I am hosting my "annual" Christmas luncheon, which was cancelled for two years due to Covid. I was all set to have it last year.....had all the cooking done, party favors made, both tables set, martinis set to pour and someone came down with Covid at a book club meeting (I was not a member) . This was the night before my party. Half of my guests had been at the meeting. We cancelled, much to my dismay.

I'll send some pictures in my next blog.

Friday, December 9, 2022

More non-glass ornament

 As promised, here are a few more

A simple Santa bought at a church fair.

                         This Santa was a gift and he is made from antique quilt pieces.

I purchased this guy in Hawaii several years ago. Notice the snazzy shorts, bare feet and ukulele, yet you still knows he's Santa.

A needlepoint Santa, probably bought at a Christmas bazaar.

Also a gift several years ago. He is made from canvas, then hand painted and coated with something, probably gel medium to make him very stiff.

This Santa and the one below were purchased at the Red Lion Inn in Sturbridge, Mass. on a trip several years ago. I like his plaid fleece coat. This one stands on my baker's rack with other Santas and the one below is on the tree.

This beautiful hand painted glass ball was purchased at the Hartford Flower Show. The painting is exquisite and his curly beard flows around to the back.

That's it for now. I have a few more to show the next time. 

I am just back, today, from a  three day trip to Longwood Gardens and Winterthur. I'll tell you all about it when I get my pictures organized. Talk about Christmas overload! You will see what I mean when I post about it.