Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Nest, More Eggs

My friend, Carolyn, spotted this nest on the tree outside my front door this morning. It's a much bigger nest that the one on my front door, safely nestled in the crotch of the tree.

When we peeked inside we were rewarded by this beautiful sight. What a color, it took my breath away! I'm assuming that they are robins' eggs, being that scrumptious Robins's Egg Blue, one of my favorite colors. I was able to get a nice clear shot because I could rest my hand against the tree to steady it.
Now I have two nests to watch. This one looks like it has room for more eggs, although I don't know how many they lay. She must still be adding to the nest since that one piece of long grass is still bright green.

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Michele/TextileTraveler said...

Wonderful pictures! Those would make some amazing quilts. Thank you for your comment on my blog on my "heart" piece. I took your suggestion and posted a close-up of the beading.