Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more jacket

This year when I was at the IQA show in Houston I visited Star Hagenbring's booth. I was there last year, too , but did not succumb. She makes the most exquisite hand painted, silk jackets with prices to match. She also sells kits to make them yourself, still very expensive, but about a quarter of the price for a finished jacket. This year I gave in to temptation. In the kit you get all the necessary fabric, paints, thread and instructions. Now I know why her jackets are so expensive. They are very labor intensive. First you have to paint the circles, metallic gold on the black silk and black on the green silk/wool blend. Then you do LOTS of stitching. Assembling the jacket was rather easy. The lining is made of red silk dupioni, which forms the collar and turn-back cuffs. Then lots of top stitching. I'm pleased with the results.

The back.

Detail of stitching and painting on the front.

Stitching and painting on back. The black doesn't look very black here. That's it for garments for awhile.


Susan Schrott, Artist said...

Norma, Brava! Beautiful work, beautiful design, fabrics, and elegance. I can picture you in this!

Vivien Zepf said...

Oh Norma, it's gorgeous! I'll bet it looks great on you.

Jamie Fingal said...

What an amazing coat! I love the colors and the movement in in from front to back. Beautiful!