Friday, December 24, 2021

Daily Stitching and Christmas

 I did get a little stitching done this week. Some running stitch and satin stitch with Perle cotton and some stem stitch with two strands of floss.

 Tomorrow is Christmas and my son will be coming home from the west coast. He is hoping that his flight won't be canceled as some are and that he doesn't test positive for Covid. He has had one in home test  (negative) and will take another before he leaves. I thought we were so over this, but here we go again.

We will not be going into NYC for a day as we have always done in past years except for last Christmas when he didn't come home (Covid). He is worried about the train ride into the city and back and all the cases that are popping up there. Another tradition down the drain.

I'm off to make an apple pie, his favorite, and start the prep for my Beef Wellington. Who doesn't like that?

So Merry Christmas to all and hoping for a much better 2022.

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Shannon said...

I love seeing how your circles of stitching have evolved over the year! These are all so beautiful! Are you planning to assemble them into one big unit? I hope you had a Merry Christmas in spite of changed traditions.