Saturday, May 1, 2021

Daily Stitching and Home Again

 I did it again. I found something I loved on Pinterest and used it as inspiration for several variations. The video was not in English so I don't know what stitch she used but after close examination I could see that it is a form of buttonhole stitch.

Here you can see that it is basically three buttonhole stitches going to a point, each group going in opposite directions. I just added French Knots to this one.

I added some blooms.

French knots to look like grapes

Added some Lazy Daisies to look like flowers.

On this one and the next, I added one more Buttonhole stitch to each grouping and some Lazy daisies. I think they look like butterflies. 

              Same as the last one, but with some French knots thrown in for good measure. 

I arrived home yesterday from my winter stay in Florida. I was afraid that I would miss the flowering tress and I did miss most of them. Every house in my community has a flowering tree in the front yard, a lot of Bradford Pears, which I have and they are past their bloom. However, the flowering crab apples are in full glorious bloom and they surely make me smile. 

I loved my time in Florida. The weather was fabulous and I got in a lot of exercising. I walked for an hour every morning and most days I did pool noodle laps in the pool. We ate outside every night on the lanai, something we won't be doing here for awhile. But it's always good to get home. I'll be doing some spring planting soon and I love being in my studio again.

I was diligent with my daily stitching and made a total of 58 squares for a total of 110 finished. I plan to carry on.

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

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Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Wow, on all the squares you finished in Florida! Your wreaths are beautiful! I especially like your grape wreath--I thought it was wisteria. And yes, those crab apple trees have the best flowers in the spring! I'm glad you got to see yours!