Thursday, August 29, 2019


Anyone who knows me well, knows how unhappy I am with our present president. I stopped watching CNN because I usually would end up with knots in my stomach listening to the outrageous things he had said. Some nights I couldn't fall asleep. And it wasn't CNN making up Fake News about him. These were videos of him speaking, usually sounding like a fifth grade playground bully. He has sided with our enemies like Putin and Kim Jong Un. He has alienated our long time allies. He has taken away regulations that were put there to help with the climate crisis that we are in. But then he thinks that's all a plot against him and big business. He daily tweets things that are insulting and demeaning to anyone who doesn't totally agree with him. He exaggerates and lies about everything. I could go on and on but then I just make myself more upset.

I should also say that I have never been political before. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, but this last election pushed me over the edge.

I did make one political protest quilt, Presidential Fabrications.  I felt so good making it and it went to a good home. I had no intention of selling it, but someone fell in love with it and it is now proudly hanging in her home.

Sooooo, when I heard about this project started by artist, Diana Weymar, I knew I wanted to participate. She started embroidering Donald Trump's most outrageous quotes onto vintage fabric. Now it is a constantly growing textile protest immortalizing the president's words in stitching. It is called "Tiny Pricks Project" (a wonderful double entendre) and you can read all about it here, and at  the Tiny Pricks Project website , and in this article in the New Yorker.

I didn't think that I had any vintage fabric and then I remembered a stash of old handkerchiefs tucked away in the back of a drawer. I had several to choose from and picked this one with crocheted lace. I had many false starts with the embroidering before I settled on using one strand of #5 perle cotton. I am not happy about the way you can see my thread carry-overs on the front and I think I will use a different thread on the next one. Yes, there will be another, a quote directly from his Twitter a couple of days ago. Stay tuned. I hope to have it done by next week.

If you share my political views, please participate. She hopes to have 2,020 by 2020.

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Vivien Zepf said...

I'm trying to get to see the Tiny Pricks exhibition. I don't know if I'll laugh, cry or both when I see it.

Norma Schlager said...

I wish I had know about it sooner. It's last day is next Tuesday and I don't think I can make it. Please let me know if you do go and what you think. Are you going to participate?

Anonymous said...

Oh Norma
What a wonderful piece and a delicious quote.There are soooo many to choose from.

Linda M said...

I love it!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Norma, I feel exactly as you do about our current president. (Hate to even type his name.) I, also, have never been very political, but like you I've been pushed over the edge. I, too, stopped watching CNN and now watch "Murder, She Wrote" in the evenings. And I'm terrified that he will be reelected!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Norma, I am disgusted with the current leadership in our country. Anything that can be done to keep him from another four years is absolutely imperative.

Bonnie said...

I like how you have succinctly listed why I am not impressed with this president. Perhaps more Americans are being turned off him also. Love your entry. I will check out the web site too. Thanks for sharing it.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your participation, for your great work, and for spreading the word about Tiny Pricks Project, Norma!

I want to make sure you and others are aware: The Lingua Franca exhibit in NYC has been EXTENDED until September 30th, so there's still a chance to see not quite the full installation that was up over the summer, but the vast majority of it.
Details at:

Tiny Pricks Project will also be on view at Speedwell Projects in Portland, Maine beginning tomorrow, Sept. 14. There's a workshop in the afternoon, and an opening in the evening.
Details at:

Unknown said...

I so share your opinion on the Orange One. Our art quilt group threw out a challenge in 2016. Zip It was the theme. I could think of nothing but shutting his toxic mouth. Hence my "Zip It" quilt. Our reveal was on 2016 election eve before the tragic results were know. You could have heard a pin drop when my socially incorrect project hit the stage. Our talents could help save our democracy if quilters would speak out together.
I would attach a photo of this quilt but can't get it to load here.