Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flower Garden Makeover

You may remember this flower garden quilt that I made awhile ago.  I thought I was finished with it. The little quiltlets had been quilted with just batting, no backing, so that when I put them on the big quilted background they just stuck.  I then pinned them down and sewed around the outside of each one with a straight machine stitch.  I thought it looked great.  But as I took it to a couple of quilt groups for show and tell and rolled it around the pool noodle for transport, the little quiltlets started to sag. I couldn't have them sagging while hanging at a show.  Hey, there's enough sagging going on around here, I don't need saggy quilts, too, so I spent two nights of TV time unpicking the stitches and removing them.  It really wasn't too much of a job.

Today I will fuse each little quilt back onto the background and stitch them on again. Hmm, do you think fusible would work on my sags?


Maxine Oliver said...

Hi Norma, Why don't you try Gel medium. They will definitely not sag and it would be faster. Say hello to everyone at FANE for me.

Maxine who's enjoying the SC sunshine

Linda M said...

Oh it would be so nice if fusible got rid of our "sags".