Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just enough

snow to make it look pretty. The snow storm working its way up the east coast pretty much fizzled out by the time it got to CT and we only got about two inches. It did cover the ground and trees and gave a clean fresh look to everything outdoors. I got some much needed grocery shopping (tired of Christmas leftovers) done early in the morning before the snow and I stayed in all day and finished the quilting on my latest quilt. I've sewn down half of the facing and may finish tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to take the Christmas decorations down. The unpleasant part of doing all that decorating is that it all has to be undone. I wish I had some little elves to help, but it's just me. So my New Year's Day will be spent taking down, packing up and putting away. Then Monday I will buy some very unChristmasy flowers in yellow or pink or blue for my kitchen table to fill the void.I wish you all a happy, healthy, productive and creative New Year.

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Sherryl said...

It always looks so pretty after it snows Norma.... but I cannot say I miss any of it. Happy New Year friend.