Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Memories

I should tell you first that I do a LOT of decorating at Christmas. I like to think that it's tasteful and not over done, but I do put out a lot of things. I also put away a lot of things to make room for them. Being a person who has always sewn and done crafts, a lot of my things are hand made and it's a trip down memory lane getting them out every year. I thought I would show you one a day for the next few days.

This little Santa pillow always makes me smile. It was a pattern from Family Circle and made in 1970 or '71 before the quilting craze overtook the country. It was VERY hard to find cotton calico. To get the green for his mittens and gold for this belt, I had to buy two dinner napkins and cut them up. The black calico for the boots was a real challenge and I don't remember where I found that garish black with pink flowers, but now I love it. His beard and face were made from a cotton/poly blend, cotton being hard to come by.
He has certainly stood the test of time and although he's terribly out of style, I still like him.