Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love and Marriage

Yesterday my good friend, Judy, got married. It was
a second marriage, but their romance is such a wonderful story.
Judy, a high school history teacher, had
been divorced for 11 years when she decided that she would
like to get married again. A friend gave her a membership
to and Russ was the first person she "met". Russ
is a widower and although he had "met" several women on Match
it was instant rapport when he and Judy first connected online.
After several long emails, then many hours on the phone
they decided to meet. It was instant chemistry. Judy said
that she had never thought that she would meet a soul mate.
They have so many common interests. They are both educators,
he being a retired college professor. They both enjoy hiking and
golf and skiing and many other things. A true Match made in
Heaven! After several months of dating, they decided to get
The wedding yesterday was lovely. They were married in a
beautiful old Episcopal church in Judy's home town. The
traditional ceremony was officiated by both the pastor from
Judy's church and the pastor from Russ' church in Long Island.
The reception was at a fabulous place on Candlewood Lake.
The views were spectacular, the food delicious and we all danced
and danced. Did I mention that the weather was a perfect 10, in the
high 70's, sunny skies, with no humidity. All in all it was a
magical day.
Judy retired this year, a couple of years earlier than planned,
so that she and Russ will have time to travel and do all those
things that they both enjoy.

L to R: Nike, Me, Karen, Paula, Carol, Judy-the bride,
Nancy and Barbara.

These are some of the members of the Purple Circle
Book Club. The group has been around for about 25 years.
We saw this romance from the beginning and were so happy
to be able to be with her on this special day.

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