Thursday, April 1, 2021

Daily Stitching and Blueberries

 I was able to keep up with my stitching this week and even learned some new stitches. The first two I found on Youtube and although the woman had some lovely stitches, she did not speak or name the stitches. Perhaps you will recognize them.

This was the first stitch. It was a little tricky to learn, but easy as I got on with it. As always I have trouble with spacing.

The same stitch doing it closer together. 

This was the second stitch. I really liked it and found it much easier to deal with the spacing so I did it three times. Here with size 5 Perle cotton.


                         Six strands of variegated embroidery floss. Maybe my favorite of the week.

Size 8 Perle cotton.

I found this on Pinterest. First you make a buttonhole stitch with the rays pointing out (size 8 Perle cotton) and then you do a buttonhole stitch over the base of the the first stitch (6 strands of floss), not going thru the fabric. Finish off with French knots. I think it looks like crochet. She called it Inside-Out Buttonhole Ray Flowers.

I wanted to do something special for Easter. That stitch I liked so much going two ways and some straight stitch, stem stitch and French knots.

I finished up the double page I showed last week. I wanted to break up all that blue, so I added the red. I may add another color on the next page, but I won't do another double. I just takes too long and cuts into my daily stitching time. Click in this for a bigger view.

I love blueberres and eat them every day. I have never seen blueberries this large, as big as Concord grapes. They are just as sweet as they are big. We can only get them at one small supermarket. 

Next to a quarter. Bigger than! I cut them half to put them in my oatmeal.

I wish you a Happy Easter!

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Gwyned Trefethen said...

My mother introduced me to embroidery and crewel through gifts of kits for my birthday or Christmas. Haven't done much of it since. I loved those kits. My recall is the first stitch you used was called lazy daisy. It is often used when making petals on flowers.Your work, as always is impeccable.