Thursday, July 2, 2020

Art on Masks

I got an email the other day directing me to a website that literally had millions (no exaggeration) of masks that featured reproduced art by many artists, some water colors, some photography, and other types of art. So it got me to thinking if I could use my art on a mask.

A few years ago I was making a lot of what I called "Garden Studies". I took photographs that I had taken, mostly in my garden, put a filter on them in Photoshop Elements, printed them on fabric and  heavily free-motion quilted them and then mounted them on canvas. They were very popular and I sold a lot at a solo show I had a few years ago and some after that. I haven't made any in awhile. If you go to the Garden Studies page at the top of my blog you can see some more.

While straightening up my studio the other day I can across a Rudbeckia print that I had never quilted. It still had its freezer paper backing on it and I thought it would make a pretty mask.

I used the pattern for the Olsen mask, with modifications. I had to add strips of bright yellow fabric to the sides because the pattern was too big for the fabric. I made elastic ear loops with beads, to make it adjustable. I made a tuck on each side near the ears and two under the chin for a nice tight fit.

I now have quite a wardrobe of masks for myself. I only wear them for one day and then hand wash them. I try to match the colors to whatever I am wearing that day. So little going on in my life these days other than trips to the grocery store, drug store, doctor visits, etc. So this gives me a little perk- up.

I will be linking upwith Off the Wall Friday.

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