Wednesday, October 2, 2019


This past Sunday was the opening for our annual  FiberWorks show at the Newtown Library. Throughout the year members made small pieces, either 4" x 6" or 6" x 6" from the word prompt that month. Then we each made one large piece that was sewn onto a 30 " x 30" black canvas for this show.


Jess made this wonderful poster for the show by sending the logo to Spoonflower, then adding a border and quilting it. It was mounted onto a white canvas and displayed on an easel by the entry door.

Beth Johnson's piece was the first one you saw as you walked into the room. Beth had a lot going on in her life at this time and did not have time to make one large piece, but mounted all of her small pieces onto the black canvas. It was a good introduction to the show.

The library had new screens this year, such an improvement over the old ones and so much easier to hang the art.

On the pieces below I will put the prompt word, title and artist. Some artists did not give their piece a title other than the prompt. Their small pieces are hung beneath the large one.

Evening Show
Ruth Savasta

Chris Wilkinson

Norma Schlager
(I am happy to say that this piece has sold.)

Hidden Waves
Barbara Drillick

Barbara Dorry

Norma Schlager

Nike Cutsumpus

Jessica Tell

Dunescape Sunrise
Susi Lehman


kathy loomis said...

Norma, I really love your curvaceous piece! Is it supposed to be a leaf, or just an abstracted spiral? Really gorgeous!!

Norma Schlager said...

Thanks, Kathy. It is a close up picture of an Escargot Begonia leaf. I put a Posterize filter on it in Elements then had it printed onto fabric by Spoonflower. I blogged about it here:

Linda M said...

Congratulations on selling the Curvaceous piece . The presentation of the pieces in this show really makes it cohesive.

Norma Schlager said...

I sold Hibiscus, not Curvaceous, but thanks anyway.