Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Summer 's End

Last Rose Begonia of Summer. I cleaned my deck in the back of the house a couple of weeks ago. All  the flowers were gone and just the succulents were left, pretty but no color. This past Saturday  I tackled the front porch. I wanted to put out some yellow mums and pumpkins, but they did not look good with the pink flowers. So I brought them around to the deck where they are giving me a much needed splash of color. There is another pot on another table. My deck is visible from my kitchen and family room, so I get to enjoy the view every day.

Aren't they pretty? Not sure of the name of the variety, but I will be sure to get them again next spring at my favorite nursery. These are planted in a cobalt blue pot, but they quickly grew so big as to obscure the pot and bloomed and bloomed and bloomed. They are a bit messy because the flowers do fall, but I think they are worth the effort. 

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