Thursday, May 23, 2019

Monthly Challenge

I forgot to show you last month's word challenge which was layers. I struggled at first to find a picture of my own, as I am going to do for each word. Then I remembered my trip to Arizona, particularly Sedona, which had all those beautiful sedimentary rock formations.  I had taken a lot of photos and chose this one for showing off the layers so well.

I put the Posterize filter on it in Photoshop Elements then printed it on fabric and hand embroidered it to emphasize the layers. I mostly used a back stitch for the layers and French Knots for the shrubs on top. I used two strands of embroidery floss and after seeing this photo I think it would have been better if I used just one strand, as I am doing in the piece I am working on now. This is 4" x 6", as are all my other word challenges. I will show you my next piece, Motion, next week.

I will be linking up with Off the Wall Friday. 


Linda M said...

I like it, I love the red rocks and all the layers.

Vera Holmgren said...

I love it but agree, one strand will probably do.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Ahhh, Sedona! Beautiful photos.

The Inside Stori said...

Impressive….such great techniques that depict your subject well!