Tuesday, April 3, 2018


As usual we spent Easter at my niece, Lauren, and as always her table was so pretty. The white bunnies are from her large collection of white bunnies and the geese are Gorden Fraiser that I used in my former home for many years. No room for them in this house so I gave them to her and I love the way she used them. I also gave her the napkins that I ice-dyed using vintage napkins. They were such luscious colors and I knew they would look great with her Easter decor. She matched the flower colors perfectly and note the cute bunny ear napkin holders.

Most of the ladies, Lauren was probably busy cooking. My sister and I were just back from a month in Florida (more about that in another post), thus the tans. We were planning to spend the night and drive home in the morning, but changed our plans when we heard the weather forecast. 

We were so glad that we did because this is what we woke up to Monday morning. Snowing like crazy and adding up to about 6 inches of heavy wet snow. Hard to take after all that glorious Florida sunshine.

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Nancy said...

Such a beautiful family!!