Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Thimble

I have a large thimble collection. My late husband and I would seek out antique shops when on a road trip and I was very involved for several years. I have many books and even belonged to the Thimble Society. Yes, there is a club for everything. I would always buy them on my foreign trips after my husband died, but they were mostly inexpensive souvenirs. I haven't bought one in quite awhile, but when I saw this one in a little village in Spain, I knew it had to come home wth me.

I was intrigued by the many stork nests that we saw on the pinnacles of buildings. The nests weighed up to 100 pounds and they were very impressive and now I have a stork thimble.



 My major garden chores are finally finished, but if you are a gardener they are never truly done.
There's always upkeep and something new to add, but at least it's not eating up so much time.
I have finally gotten back to my studio and I am sewing. Nothing to show yet, but when I do I'll come back and show you.

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