Friday, June 24, 2016

Behold the Moon

Yesterday a small group from Woman's Club went to the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden in North Salem, NY. Our purpose, as part of the Environmental group of the club, was to see the gardens with a docent. It was beautiful day, even though heavy rain was predicted. The gardens are lovely, but the highlight of my day was the art exhibit in the gallery, Behold the Moon.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Moon Viewing in the garden, an ancient tradition in which people eat, drink, listen to music and write poetry, while viewing the moon, thus the theme of the show. I will show you just a few of the art pieces. It was a fabulous exhibit and I would recommend going to see it if you live anywhere nearby.

This handsome moon face hanging from a tori gate was out in the fields.

There were several large round moons, like the one on the sign, hanging around the top of the room. They looked to be made of ceramic or metal and they were quite beautiful. You can see one up on the wall on the right side of the sign.

There were two similar pieces by this artist, Isle Schreiber-Noll. This is My Moon I. It is mixed media on a linen drop cloth. It was fiber art to me and you can see what looks like stitching on the next detail, but it is paint.

There were several pieces on this wall by Harry White. He uses collage of plant parts and found paper. I liked the way they were matted.

This very large stunning piece that wrapped around the wall was by Carla Goldberg.  Her lengthy title is: I Dreamed I Was a Fish Swimming Among the Reeds Looking Up at the Winter Moon.
She uses resin, ink, and enamel paint on acrylic panels.

Detail of the piece above. It was quite amazing in person. It seemed to glow from within.

All of our trips seem to end in with lunch. This time we ate at Luc's, a charming French restaurant in Ridgefield, CT. We sat outside on their small patio, surrounded by planters of bright red geraniums. The food and wine were delicious and as usual I ate too much, but it was worth the calories.

A pretty garden, a fabulous art exhibit, a scrumptious lunch with friends.....a perfect summer day!


Linda M said...

Looks like a wonderful exhibit, love the moon hanging from the tori gate.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Norma. Lovely post, very calming subject. Love that hanging moon in the garden. I also enjoyed seeing your pictures of Spain. I hope to go to Barcelona next summer...gotta have something to look forward to! best, nadia