Friday, March 17, 2023

It's Not Easy Being Green

 I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted. We have been busy with house guests and beaching and shopping and eating out, etc. but I still managed to get some stitching done and now I am ahead of myself for March.

I started out by following the number sequence on the grid, but then just starting doing embroidery that matched the size of the segments.

For example, my dinosaur was not happy staying in one segment and insisted on taking up three. You don't argue with a dinosaur.

I outline stitched around his body and colored in the green part with diluted acrylic paint. Saved me a lot of stitching and I like the way he looks.

Had to have a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day. I have always been fond of Ginkgoes. The spotted background is made of small French knots in a very dark green. And, of course a palm tree, since I am doing this now in Florida.

Who doesn't love Kermit the Frog? He got the same paint treatment as the dinosaur. I had a terrible time with the stitching of the words. When I did my 286 circles, I was able to trace my designs onto the fabric using a light box and get some very intricate designs. But this whole scroll of muslin is backed with flannel and I cannot see the design thru both layers of fabric, so I am either tracing around cutouts or drawing free hand. Not happy with it, but at least it's legible.

Ignore light blue lines on top right. That is washable marker that hasn't been washed out yet.

I'll try to post next week. Maybe I'll be finished with March.

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kathy loomis said...

Hi Norma! If you're having trouble doing letters, try much longer stitches with a bit of couching to hold down the curves. If you check out my blog post

you can see a lot of lettering that I have done with three strands of floss but pretty long stitches. It goes pretty fast. You can blow up the photos and see how I sewed the letters.
(sorry I can't remember how to do this so it gives you a link)

kathy said...

PS I love your Kermit!

Nina Marie said...

Norma, I love that the design of this is evolving and getting away from the original confines. I think that really is true purpose of the project. Not to mention, see how "in" you are? I was hoping your blog would come out just in time for my handwork trend post! We are big muppet fans here yes we agree with Kermit, it's not easy being green!