Thursday, January 26, 2023

New Year, New Project

 I really missed having my circles in a square project from last year. I was so glad that a friend clued me in to this daily stitching project. You can read all about it here. Karen Turner, an embroiderer in the UK is the inspiration. She also set up a group Facebook page where members can post their progress. You have to be a member to view it, but it's oh, so easy to join. 

She has a very nice template that you can download to keep your days in order and that one month tessellates into the next. I am way behind because it started on the first of January and I didn't start until the 12th. I am trying hard to catch up so that I can just do one day at at a time.

I am also behind because I had so many false starts. I first started on a piece of an antique linen sheet, given to me by a dear friend, but found that it was difficult to stitch thru. Then I switched to washed unbleached muslin. I drew and did a running stitch to outline the blocks and found that it was not laying flat. I then spray basted it to a piece of washed flannel.

Then to start stitching. After doing two or three blocks in different colors I decided that I wanted each month to be in its own color. So unstitch three blocks and start with a blue and gray theme, appropriate for January. The turquoise stars and spray of leaves are wash-out marker.

This strip is 11 inches wide by 195 inches long. A LOT of stitching. I'm finding it challenging because the blocks are so small. I loved working on my three inch circles last year, but having some trouble with these. Hopefully I will improve. I also learned that a finer thread works best on these small blocks. I used size 8 Perle cotton almost exclusively on my circles, but it is too heavy on this. I am now using mostly two or three strands of floss.

If you like to embroider I would suggest your joining us. I will try to post every week's progress.

I will be linking up with Off the Wall Friday.


Nina Marie said...

Norma! I was wondering what you've been up too! I'm not surprised this project caught your eye. I was so fascinated by your circles last year. I love where this is going and can't wait to see the rest! I'm just about ready to start big stitching my Rain, Rain quilt with Perle 8. I've never used it before and am excited to see how I do!! So glad to see you!!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Good to see you've started a new stitching project, Norma. I have confidence you will catch up now that you have figured out works and made some design decisions. It will be fun to watch your calendar get filled in.

Marnie Haines said...

Hi Norma,
I've enjoyed your weekly comments in prior times. Mental telepathy must be at work because I thought of you earlier today and googled Notes from Norma. And here you are embarking on a year of another delightful project! I'm familiar with Karen Turner's daily embroidery for a year. So glad that you decided to do one for 2023. I look forward to watching your progress. Keep having fun. That's what this is all about. Marnie Haines

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Wow this is lovely. I saw some 365 stitchery last year and was very tempted to start but I got sidetracked with other things. I've joined the Facebook group.

Pat .F in Winnipeg said...

Have you ever tried #12 perle for this type of stitching. I love it. Not as many colours, but still quite a few. I also do a lot of this type of stitching with Superior Sew Sassy. a #12 thread without the tight twist of perle. I don't know if they make it anymore, but it stitches beauti
fully through linen.