Thursday, October 7, 2021

Weekly Stitching and Kusama Exhibit

 Six squares done this week, all using my stencils.

I thought that this one looked like a tractor tire.

                                        Added some French Knots to give it a different look.

Even more French Knots and two colors.

On these last two I learned that Satin Stitch is HARD! No matter how diligent I was about stabbing the needle directly on the naked line, I got wobbly edges.

Last Sunday on a beautiful Fall day we went to the NY Botanical Garden to see the Kusama exhibit. Go to their website to read more about it. Kusama is a Japanese artist (in her 90's) known for her abstract impressionism and her use of polka dots and pumpkins, a perfect match for the Garden.

On the steps of the Library/Galley and the steps to the conservatory were these huge displays of various sizes, shapes, and colors of pumpkins.

In the Conservatory pools were several of her whimsical oversized flowers.

This was one of several fiber sculptures in the Library/Gallery.

Outside of the Conservatory was this huge pumpkin in pink and silver.

This enormous sculpture was big enough to walk under.

I had foolishly forgotten to charge my phone the night before and I was almost out of battery power and so was able to take very few pictures. The Gardens are fabulous at any time of the year, but especially beguiling when they have a special exhibit. This exhibit is on until the end of October. 

According to NYC regulations, we were required to show proof of vaccinations and a photo ID. Masks were required at all indoor spaces. Hooray for NY's sensibilities! We felt very safe.

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