Friday, June 1, 2018

A few more box people and a wedding

I know I haven't posted in awhile and I hope you haven't given up on me. I was in Florida for a week getting more furniture delivered and shopping, shopping, shopping for house things. Since this is a brand new empty house I had to get EVERYTHING from potato peeler to vacuum cleaner and everything in-between. We got a lot accomplished and had fun doing it. We still will have a bit more to do when we go back in January, but the house is very livable for now.

Then last week I went to the wedding of my great niece, Allyson in Baltimore, MD. Since I got home I have been gardening.

I did manage to get four new box people made. I found some fabulous accessories for them in Michael's in the miniature section and was given some cute things by friends. I still have to make several more people to use up the accessories.

Susan, in my FiberWorks group, gave several delightful little things to use, including this golf club and the tennis racket below. The size got distorted by the photo. They are pretty good to scale in person.

These two have to go together. The flower pot and watering can were found at Michael's. I have quite a few more things to use, so stay tuned and come back for more......real tiny knitting by my friend, Paula, a sewing machine, a wash tub, tiny thimbles, an American flag, and more. 

Here is the beautiful bride and her handsome hubby. He graduated from the Air Force Academy and thus the military uniform. They will be deployed to South Korea in August.

She wore her grandmother's gown for the ceremony. That's her mom, my niece, Diane, buttoning her up. She changed into a gown more suited for dancing for the reception. You can see it hanging on the wall. It was equally stunning. It was a stellar affair, held at an elegant old hotel in downtown Baltimore that is now only used for weddings and other affairs. It was gorgeous!

This was taken right before we left the hotel for the rehearsal party dinner at a different fabulous restaurant. That's me in the middle with assorted nieces and great nieces.

Here I am with the mother of the bride right before the wedding ceremony. This was all on my late husband's side of the family. They are so good about inviting me to everything. Next will be a baby shower at the end of June in NYC.

Please come back. I promise to be more productive in the future.

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Linda M said...

I'm still loving your little people! I'm not much of a shopper so having to set up another house would be a daunting task for me.

Pam said...

Your box people are just about the greatest! I love them. They are so colorful and expressive. The wedding looked lovely. My daughter lived in So Korea for 5 years teaching English and writing storybooks to help the children learn English. I always wanted to live in a foreign country-they are lucky to be able to do so.