Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I almost always do a small sample or study when  am making a big quilt to try out quilting designs and thread colors.  This one is doing double duty because I also wanted to try out paint colors.

Here is the little sample made up of the same colors in the big quilt.  No design thought went into it.  I just wanted to get all those colors in and play with some quilting motifs.

And here it is after some painting.  See how the quilting designs pop out.  I started with a cream colored acrylic paint and didn't like that very much and went back and added a light aqua.  I like that better, but I'm still not sure what color I will use on the big quilt. I'm leaning towards light blue. Now you can see why I used such vivid colors for the piecing.  The painting tones it way down.

Now to get back to quilting he real McCoy.  It really isn't a very big quilt, only 30" x 30", but it will have a lot of quilting on it as in the sample.

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