Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Samples

I have been busily quilting away at my second texture piece, but I wanted to make some more samples to try out paint colors.  Since I am doing some redecorating in my home I  have quite a bit of  leftover wall paint stashed in the basement.

Here are some more colors tried on my original sample. In some places it's color on top of color, but I didn't really love any of them.

This is the newest sample. On the far left is the medium blue that I thought would be perfect, but I think it just looked blah.  On the far right is the very dark navy/teal that I put on the bathroom walls. Way too dark!  In the middle is the pale aqua that I am going to use.  It contrasts with all the colors beneath.  I may overpaint some sections. In the upper left corner I tried using a shiva paint stick. I may do a bit of that on the big quilt.

I have about an hour or two of quilting to go on the big piece.  Maybe I'll finish it today and then I can do the painting.  Are you wondering why I am using wall paint?  Well it is the perfect constancy and gives just the right amount of coverage. Does it make the quilt stiff?  Yes, it does, but this is a wall hanging and I don't care if it's stiff. I tired using acrylic paint but the wall paint works better and I have a lot of it.  Recycling, right?

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Gwen said...

I really like these samples, Norma. Please keep them, as one day they may make it into a quilt of their own... wouldn't that be interesting!! ;)