Tuesday, May 8, 2012


One of the special exhibits at the quilt show this weekend was  Totems put on by members of FANE, Fiber Artists of the North East.  The only requirement for the exhibit was that it had to be 18 inches wide, 8 feet long and be two sided. There was incredible diversity in the pieces and each member put her personality into her work.

Natalya usually uses her Russian heritage as inspiration for her work as she did in this Russian Windows.  She uses a lot of recycled things in her work, such as dryer sheets, candy wrappers, plastic, etc.  You can see the wonderful detail and painting and stitching involved in the detail

Barbara's piece in the foreground uses window screening in geometric shapes on a screening background.  

Cindy Green's underwater scene of sea-horses uses sheer fabric with sea critters between the sheers.

Andrea's "Still Circling " was made of fabrics on which she had done many different trypes of surface design.

Cecelia's in the foreground was made of various prints she had made on paper and then attached to fabric squares.

Claire's in the foreground uses squares of beautifully appliquéd art nouveau flowers and in the background you can see Bobbi's Penguins which reversed to Polar Bears.


 Linda's piece had so much going on.  There were animal faces and eyes all over and the more you looked the more you saw.

Here's my piece, Sea-Thru, made of two layers of organza with Dupioni fish and grasses on each side. One side shadowed through to the other and gave the illusion of fish swimming in the distance.

These two pictures show both sides of Nancy's work.  One side had real leaves and the other side had paper ones that mimic the real ones.  It was mounted on Dupioni silk, a very elegant piece.

Sony, Carole, and Fran collaborated on "If the Shoe Fits".  What a fun piece! 

Nike's wonderful piece combined paper and fabric.

Vivien's piece, "A Show of 'Hands" made a powerful statement about the importance of voting.

Be sure to click on the pictures for a bigger view.

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