Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Isn't Easy Being Green

I needed to dye some new greens for an upcoming project and you might say I got carried away. It's hard to tell from the pictures , but this is 40 yards of fabric, 8 different colors and six gradations of each. Each piece is 3/4 yards. What you also can't see in the pictures is the luscious mottling in the fabric.

I spent the better part of Saturday dyeing, the better part of Sunday and part of Monday washing and ironing. I think I have enough greens for awhile. I used ProChem Mx Reactive Dyes.

Chartreuse and Olive

Grass Green and Bright Green. I didn't realize that these would be so close in color. I would have only dyed one.

Leaf Green and Evergreen. These are not as similar as they look in the picture.

These two are my own mixes of yellow and turquoise to get Yellow Green and Lime Green.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm going to my niece's again and got off easy by only having to make a pumpkin pie.


Martha Ginn said...

Wow, you are having way too much fun! Love the greens you dyed. I'll be watching to see what they become next.

Unknown said...

Why do it unless you're gonna get carried away?!
Beautiful greens!