Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been thinking about it for a while and now I've gone and done it. I bought a Kindle. Last week when the book I needed ASAP for a book club was not available at the library and not in the book store, I broke down and ordered the Kindle with the book on it. I have 30 days to decide if I want it. Of course, if I return it I would lose the postage and handling (and I paid extra to get it in two days) and the book that's on it.

What I like about it......It is lightweight and small and easy to read from. You can adjust the print to any size you want. It has two built in dictionaries, although it's not as cool as the dictionary on my Mac. It lays flat, so it's nice to use when eating (no having to hold the pages open) It would have been great to use while getting my nails done today, but I don't have another book on it. If reading outside, the pages don't blow around. It will be great for travel and use on the plane and I can have as many books as I want on it, without any more weight. I don't have to worry about storing all the many books I buy. I end up giving most of them away.

What I don't like.....I frequently like to look back and check on something that I've read. Maybe there is a way, but I only know how to go back one page at a time. You can't tell what page you're on because it depends on the size of the font. It does tell you what percentage of the book you've read. I can't pass on a book that I love to a friend to share.

So the jury is still out. Does anyone else have one who would like to give their opinion, yea or nay?


Vivien Zepf said...

My teenage daughter, a prolific reader, loves her Kindle, mainly for the reasons you've already discovered. However, she still has to have a hard copy when it comes to her studies so she can mark passages and refer back to page numbers for relevant quotes. I think it all boils down to what kind of reader you are. (However, do note that most classics are available on the Kindle for FREE!)

Kate said...

Hi Norma,
I have the previous version of the Kindle (the white one) and I love it. You can use the "back" arrow to go back one page.
The best thing about it is being able to bring 4 or 5 books on vacation without taking up a lot of space in my suitcase.
Also, when my Kindle died suddenly the company replaced it for free and they loaded all my books onto the new one.
I'm not sure about your version but I can mark passages, highlight text and make notes in a "notebook" within my Kindle.
Can't say enough good things as you can tell.
One negative - impulse buying! It's so easy to get a new book, you have to watch that Amazon account. It can add up.
Have fun!

Sue said...

You know that I love my Kindle, even tho I tried and returned 2 of them before I finally committed. I bought the cover with the built in light and it is perfect. Nice leather and I can read anywhere altho it isn't terribly bright. But would be fine on a long plane flight when you didn't want to use the overhead light. I like the dictionary feature and have highlighted passages. It seems extravagant not to share a book. And I especially like being able to sink it up with my iPhone so that if I don't have it with me, I can read on my phone. Not difficult at all and I've read a whole book on the phone. After the first bit, it seems natural and not small. Enough of my opinions.....I think its great. Sue

Sue said...

Oops, that should be sync !!