Friday, October 22, 2010

Exuberance !

When I looked at at my deck and saw my annuals just bursting at the seams, it made me smile.
Everything, except the poor succulents, are at their peak. Little do they know that there will be a frost any day now and they'll be goners.

These vines on the deck railing just started blooming. That was one small plant when I planted it in the spring. I don't know what it's called, but I will surely plant it again next year if I can find it. The Lobelia was an experiment. I loved the intense royal blue color, but it waxed and waned throughout the summer. Not sure if I'll do it again.

I had always heard that Parsley likes it cool and Basil likes it hot and dry. Well, someone should tell that to my herbs. The Parsley is the best I've ever had it and it was a hot, dry summer. The Basil, on the other hand was measly. Barely enough to pick, let alone make Pesto, as I usually do.

I'm kind of hoping we do get a frost soon. I'm getting tired of watering and I can't bare to toss things out when they're still blooming. I'm still picking my Sun Gold tomatoes even though it's so cool at night.


Anonymous said...

Your deck still looks so beautiful and I'm just a little jealous. My deck pots are long gone and we had a dusting of snow this morning when we got up. I did set my herbs under a table to protect them a little from frost. I want to pick the thyme and oregano and dry them. My basil went directly to seed without passing go and I let a Yellow Swallowtail caterpillar eat most of the parsley.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Mom!

Gillian King said...

Beautiful 'drivel' today Norma!

Vivien Zepf said...

Oh my gosh your deck is glorious! You must know just how much to water everything and must be very diligent about dead heading (I'm the worst about that!). I can't believe you still have tomatoes to harvest!

Anonymous said...

I miss my CT garden so much. Here in AZ it is very different. The rosemary I nursed so carefully in CT is a shrub here! If I am not careful, it will become a tree. It isn't worth growing basil since I can purchase a huge pot from Trader Joes, make at least 2 huge batches of pesto and still plant it in the yard.

Hugs from Anita in AZ