Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Work

Were you getting tired of looking at my cabbage quilt? I thought I'd better put up something new. I did make another small quilt over the weekend, but it's for a challenge and I can't show it yet. But this one, I can. I wanted to make another quilt for the "Common Object, Uncommon View " challenge. Last year I took a lot of Macro shots (very close up) in my garden. This is the center of a Purple Coneflower printed out four times on fabric. You can see a picture of a whole, but different, Purple Coneflower here. I did not change the color, but did take it into Photoshop Elements to posterize it. I must say that I like the sunny, happy hues in this. It's rather small, only about 20 x 20, since I have to work with my printer that only prints 8 1/2 x 11. Maybe I'll get a bigger printer some day. I'm not sure how I'll quilt it, but would like to take advantage of those wonderful curving lines that Nature provided. I'm also searching for a name. Any suggestions?

What I really want to do is make a big quilt out of just one flower center and do it in applique. Stay tuned to see if I really accomplish it.


Anonymous said...

Norma, your work is getting better and better. I love what you did with the cabbage and the cone flowers are wonderful.
Carole Hoffman

Gail Ellspermann said...

Hi Norma - I love your coneflower quilt - fabulous colors and repeating the photo looks terrific. Glad I took a look! Gail Ellspermann

Vivien Zepf said...

This is wonderful. I'm glad you posted about it (though I confess to NOT being tired of seeing your cabbage piece -- I think it's amazing!).

Carole said...

I am like vivien Norma... I love that Cabbage piece. So interesting this latest using Photoshop. I have signed up to take a Photoshop class in August.
I am really liking what you are doing.