Sunday, April 21, 2024

My N Wall

 As promised, I am showing you my N wall, which is one wall in the alcove with my two sewing machines. The opposite wall is pegboard with sewing supplies.

I thought that I would hang my hoop art N, but it looked better propped up on the shelf. I'm also showing some my collection of miniature dress forms. The rest are scattered throughout the rest of the room.

The photo is of my grand mother as a a sixteen year old apprentice seamstress. I don't remember how I acquired this photo, but I knew it belonged in my studio. My grandmother was petite and we lovingly called her "little Grandma". She was an incredible seamstress all her life.

Here are all of my "n's" and some of my  dress forms. The spools are in a vintage box that used to hold letters for printing. I have another one that holds some of my vintage thimble collection. There are a few thimbles in this one, too.

Come back next week and I will show you my latest sewing project.

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