Friday, November 10, 2023


 Leaves for October. Some I like better than others. I thought I would color them in with crayons and then iron them. I did two that way and really didn't like them and there was no way to undo them.

My sister and I and two good friends had a very nice five day trip to New Orleans in mid October. None of us had been there before and we had a great time. We had some fabulous food, listened to jazz and took a couple of tours.

Halloween is a very big deal in New Orleans and we saw some incredible decorations, but this house was our favorite. It was a huge old house with spacious front and side lawns covered with life size skeletons. Each one sported a sign with a witty name/ and or saying. These are just a few of the pictures I took. Click on the pictures to see the details. 

I'm working on my November page and it is all in neutral tones, grays, blacks, taupe and brown. I read a saying somewhere about the month......NO sun, NO snow, NOvember. It's probably my least favorite month, except for my son's birthday and Thanksgiving. 

I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

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