Saturday, June 3, 2023


 My adorable five year old neighbor girl loves to go barefoot, even on days that most of us would deem too cold. No parental neglect here, she just likes to go shoeless. She brought to mind a book I used to read to my second grade classes way back in the 60"s.  Going Barefoot by Aileen Fisher. The book was written in 1960 and is out of print, but I was able to find an old library copy in very good shape for a decent price. Over and over she refers to June as the barefoot month.

Of course I read it all over to myself and it is just as delightful as I remembered. It all in rhyme and has wonderful illustrations.

So I had to include it on my June page, which I am doing in a different style. There will be several large circles encompassing  more than one block. I have finished one.

For my circle design inspiration I am using the quilt that I made out of 286 hand embroidered circular designs. I'm also using mostly variegated threads.

I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

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Nina Marie said...

you know this June stitched montage actually has the idea of a bigger idea. I could really see this moving into a bigger quilt. The idea of summer feet, childhood, how things change but still same the same is interesting! Well Done!