Saturday, August 6, 2022

New Work I have some sewing work to show. My fiber group, FiberWorks, puts on a show every year at the Newtown, CT library. We always have a theme and this year it was Light and Dark.  My thoughts went right away to my favorite birds, Penguins. I worked from a photo found on line, but it gave me so much grief. I hadn't done any appliqué in awhile and made every mistake you could. Still not happy with the way you can see the sky/snow merging behind the penguins. I added a second layer of white and you can still see it.

Then I planned to thread paint the shading and started on the yellow breast of one of
the big birds. It looked terrible, so I laboriously picked it out and switched to just coloring with crayons and pencil. Much better. 

It will be mounted on a 30" square black canvas, as will all the other pieces in the show. I am also using a piece I made awhile ago, but never showed anywhere, but I will show you that later. 

I am calling it "Family".

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.

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