Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fossil Fish

I made this quilt a while ago when I was in my rust dyeing stage. I loved the results, but had a hard time quilting through the sections of the quilt that were rusted. The thread kept breaking, no matter what I did. I know that others have made pieces with rusted fabric, so I don't know the secret to it. Do you?

To rust the fabric, I use items that would  rust, (duh!) like nails and steel wool, wrapped them in vinegar soaked fabric (this time a light blue hand-dyed), covered them to keep them wet and let them sit overnight. The results were often very interesting. One section, on the right hand side of the quilt looked to me like fish, fossil fish to be exact. Can you see the fish?

While out walking the other day I saw this rock just laying there on the pavement and I laughed out loud and said "fossil fish!" I put it in my pocket and took it home. I wish I could attach it somehow to the quilt, but it's much too heavy. Does it look like a fish to you?

1 comment:

kathy loomis said...

the only way to sew reliably through rust fabric is to go SLOW. very frustrating.

but the quilt looks great and you're right, there are fish!!