Friday, December 4, 2015

More buttons

After making that button piece that I showed you awhile back, I knew I wanted to do something more with buttons and thought I would like to do the back of a jeans jacket.  At first I thought that I would use the leftover pinks, reds and yellows from that piece, but thought it would be too garish.  Then I remembered that I had bought a couple of zip-lock bags of buttons at a guild boutique a few years ago so I dug them out.

One quart sized bag marked "cream blend" was $3.00 and it a was true treasure trove.  It was full of gorgeous mostly Mother of Pearl buttons with some plastics thrown in.  I have since gone online and priced some of these carved buttons and now I really know what a huge bargain this was.

Here is the back of the jacket.  It was a little challenging sewing through the denim and getting a good grip.  When you see some of the details below you will think I need some button sewing skill improvement.

This was just a plain Mother of Pearl,  but I loved the luster and simplicity.

These are a few of the etched or carved MOP that I saw on Etsy and other places for a pretty penny.

For the front the jacket I just sewed one special button to one collar point. See the detail below.

This was from my mother's button box and is not Mother of Pearl, but a cream colored bone or maybe even plastic.  I just love it whatever it is.  Look at the detail.  I tried to find something similar online, but was unsuccessful.  If anyone can give me any info, I would be most appreciative.

I haven't linked up with Off the Wall Friday in awhile, but I am this week so go see what some other talented people are doing.


quiltedfabricart said...

Buttons from the $3.00 bag ? Perfect choice
Button from your mothers button box? Priceless

Regina B Dunn said...

Your jacket is so very elegant with the buttons. You placed them so well. By the way, I didn't get a chance to comment on your African trip posts. I'm so glad you got to go there and see all those animals. It's such an exciting place!

Heather Pregger said...

What a beautiful jacket! I love buttons. And the button from your mother's button box is lovely!

Shannon said...

I love this- It looks like an interpretation of tendrils or seaweed or squid! The organic feel is great.

Sarah said...

It looks great, I can imagine how tough it was sewing them all on but well worth the effort. An original!

sonja said...

i love the buttons! are you a pearly admirer? Iam.I
treasure the mop's i have and use them this time of year even sewn on cards!
i love your post with niece rockette! She is wonderful!when i was a wee lass, i visited my aunt and uncle in NYC. we lived in Richfield and my dad had a toy factory in Danbury, i skated at Rockefeller center! thank for the post that unleashed a ton of memories 60 years old! happy holidays!! sonja

SassyJean said...

I love this button jacket! I have a mother of Pearl button stash from a dear friend who passed years ago. She collected so many that they were divided into sizes, designs and color! Your mother’s bottom is probable lucite, a plastic used in the 1950s when costume jewelry came into vogue after WWII.