Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Splendor

I took advantage of this scintillating fall day to do some garden cleanup, not my favorite job.  I do a lot of container gardening and now they are mostly emptied with just a few remaining.  We had a frost a few days ago and it got a lot of the plants, others survived. The weather has been a roller coaster.  A few days ago I wore long johns, a winter coat, mittens and earmuffs on my morning walk. Today I had on capris and a t-shirt.  Crazy! I even ate lunch out on my deck today, not too many more days to be able to do that.

These beauties are from a new hydrangea I planted last year to replace a big overgrown one.  I wanted something that wouldn't get very big and this one is perfect. I wish I had saved the tag so that I could tell you the variety.  Although the plant is small it was covered all summer with luscious mauvey pink blooms.  Now they have turned this glorious russet red,with undertones of pale green. The picture does not do it justice, they are much deeper in person.

I was hoping to get to the second piece of the project I wrote about yesterday, but this piece is turning out to be much more challenging.  Everything I've tried so far has been disastrous. I will post it when I'm through.

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Linda M said...

Beautiful Hydrangea. We had frost while we were gone and I'm still trying to get the garden cleaned up.