Sunday, January 18, 2009

Studio tour

When I bought this house eight years ago I thought that this big bonus room over the two car garage was the studio of my dreams. While I am still very grateful for having this designated space, now it seems too small. I've done some tidying up yesterday, but this is pretty much what it looks like most of the time unless I'm working on a project when it gets quite messy.

This is the entry to the room, a rather narrow passageway. On the wall is a friendship quilt made several years ago, signed by family, friends, and some big name quilters. I still love looking at it.

On the opposite side of that narrow passage is my book storage. On top is part of my dress form collection and my antique thimble collection. Directly opposite the bookcase is a door to the closet, a big, square walk-in in serious need of reorganization and much too messy to photograph.

This is the part of my sewing area that you see first as you walk into the room. More of my dress forms on the wall and an antique printer's box to hold some of my thread.

The opposite side of the sewing area with lots of notions and "stuff" hanging on a pegboard.

Looking at the sewing area face on. The window faces the street, so I have a window on the world, such as it is on my very quiet street. I can swivel my chair from one machine to the other if need be. The ironing board is behind the chair and never gets put down.

Continuing on the same wall and rounding the corner is my office area with my Mac.

Work table with part of my design wall showing. The TV is often on, but I mostly listen to it. It keeps me company. I also have a radio that plays one CD and sometimes I listen to that.

Fabric storage, floor to ceiling. I can't seem to keep it much neater than this. I also have fabric stored in 6 plastic drawer units under the work table and piles on the end of my work table.


Sherryl said...

This room is way too neat! I would never photograph my spaces.... they always look like the hurricane blew through!

Jamie Fingal said...

What a beautiful and fresh feeling room to work in. Congratulations for having such a clean studio! I love the dress forms on top of the shelves and your tool wall.

Susan Schrott, Artist said...

What a great space. I think you have done an excellent job of laying out your studio. My mind is on my new MAC computer these days so I also liked seeing your mac in your office. I just took my first computer lesson at the apple store and I am amazed at what these things can do...only problem is now I have to more time in the day to get to the studio because this computer is a huge temptation to sit and play with.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Your studio is such a wonderful space. I' sure you can get lost creating in such a bautiful well planned space.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma,
You have a beautiful workspace! Mine takes more than just tidying to look close to that :) I look forward to seeing what new treasures you create in it this year!

Anonymous said...

Norma - Enjoyed the tour and noticed all your ribbons. Thanks for sharing!

Vivien Zepf said...

What a great studio, Norma! I love the personal touches, like the dress forms and ribbons. And, oo la la .... all the wonderful fabric.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma,

Your space is beautiful, I love the peg board that looks like a quilt shop!

Enjoy messing it up....

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Nice in BEAUTIFUL...makes mine look boring...will you please come down and help me decorate it??? love the big Ns too

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma Jean

What can I say...I love the studio, and wish I had the

space. I also liked your "found "piece, needs a little

fluff or beading?


JJ said...

This is a beautiful studio! I am inspired to go get organized.