Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not so wishy-washy anymore.

A few posts ago  showed the result of my ice dyeing. I liked a lot of the fabrics I made, but the linen shirt I had done was so uninspired, that I decided to redo it over this past weekend.  While pondering which colors to use to liven it up, I remembered how much I had liked the fabric on which I had used just one black dye. Since black is made up of many colors, they separated into those colors on the fabric.  There was preponderance  of reds and azure blue mixed in with the grays and blacks.  I loved it, so I thought why not try it on the shirt.  I found another white cotton shirt in my closet that I had not worn in a long time and I added that to the mix. This time I also used a lot more dye powder than I had previously used.

Close up of some of the colors in the black

The newly done Ralph Lauren long white cotton shirt.

The former lackluster white linen short, boxy shirt.

Well..........they certainly aren't wishy-washy, but I don't know if I would ever wear them.  They might be good as camouflage shirts if I wanted to hunt in a quarry.  Maybe, just maybe, I could wear the long one as a beach cover-up over a black bathing suit.  Probably not.  I think I am so over ice-dyeing shirts.


kathy loomis said...

you wouldn't ever wear these???? you're nuts! they're gorgeous

Lynne said...

I agree with Kathy. I think they are fabulous.

Martha said...

You are so brave to dedicate a good shirt to your dyeing experiments. I hope you will wear it--looks quite cool!

Wil said...

I don't agree with you. Your ice dyed shirts turned out great!