Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the Garden

Are you tired of looking at those shirts?  Well, I am so here's something pretty from the garden.

If you read my blog you know how fond I am of succulents in pots on my deck.  I don't grow them for the flowers but for the interesting shapes and colors and their ease of care.  I was surprised when these two started to send out flower shoots so early in the season, but I do like them, especially the magenta colored clusters on the one plant.

I also like Hibiscus, but they are a tropical flower. They were everywhere in Hawaii.  When I saw this braided trunk specimen in Costco's a few weeks ago at such a reasonable price, I snapped it up.  I repotted it in a much larger pot and planted bright blue lobelia around the perimeter of the pot.  The flowers only last for one day, but today it was very happy with several blooms.

Of  course the first frost will kill the plant, but for now I can enjoy it's tropical beauty for a few months.

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Lynne said...

I love your succulents pot. Do they overwinter or do you plant them new each year? I recognize sedum and hens and chicks. What else do you have in there?