Sunday, June 23, 2013

Radically Red

My FiberWork groups's challenge for this year is Texture.  Altho it is not due until October when the show will be hung, I wanted to get mine finished so that I can do another one.  I've been working on it on and off for the past couple of weeks.  It has a lot more hand work on it than I usually do or it would have been done sooner.

It was a very difficult quilt to photograph and also tricky to free-motion quilt.  I think that red on red is almost as hard as black on black. The quilt looks darker on the bottom, but it's just the lighting.  I tried photographing it without the overhead lights and that was worse.  If I ever decide to enter it into a show that requires good photography, I will set it up in my "photography studio" in the garage. That has good lights that shine on it from the sides.

This section took me the longest.  All those French Knots. The raised curves were made by using a double needle with a strip of cotton batting behind.

I had fun with these undulating tucks.  They really stand out on this dark red silk.  You can also see some of the free-motion quilting on the strip above.  I wanted to use wool batting to make those circles  pop, but none of the quilt shops near me had it. I could have gotten it online, but I was too impatient.

These are the same undulating tucks as the previous picture, but they don't stand out as much.  Not sure why, maybe this silk was softer.

The quilt is 30 inches square, as they all will be, and is made entirely with Dupioni silk. Radically Red is my working title.  I was going to call it "Totally Texture, Radically Red" (I love alliteration), but the group decided to call the show Totally Texture" so I will drop those first two words.


Cindy Green said...

Wow, Norma, it looks rich and sumptuous! I'm sure it looks even better in person!

Anonymous said...

a little behind but great photos of the el anastui exhibit in brooklyn

Vivien Zepf said...

This is spectacular, Norma! Can't wait to see it in person. And I love the black (and blue and green and pink) shirt!

Wil said...

Creating texture with fabric is Always fun. You did very well with it.